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What Do YOU Do When the Escalator Stops Moving?
A sharply dressed business man strides into an atrium of glistening glass, metal and marble. He confidently walks past the the large potted fichus plants and steps onto the up escalator. A well dressed woman enters the lobby and steps on the escalator a few steps behind him.
Before they reach the top, the escalator comes to a sudden stop.....


The Yin and Yang of Fear and Courage
Can you have courage without first having fear?

I have heard courage described as not the absence of fear, but acting despite your fear. If fear is the yin, then is courage the yang?


The Fragility of Freedom
We are living in a pivotal time in history.

Over the last couple decades, the focus in our country has been divisive social issues. It is time to put aside our differences on those issues because there are much more serious threats with which we need to deal. They are threats – both external and internal – that threaten our freedom.

How we deal with these threats in the next few months will shape our lives for decades to come. Yet most of our citizens are so uninformed that they don’t even realize what those threats are. Unfortunately by the time we realize what is happening, it takes significant action to undo the harm, if it can be undone.


Transforming Spirituality Into Reality
It was a perfect mid-May afternoon - light wispy clouds in a sapphire sky, dazzling sun shining on flowering crab apples, the perfume of flowers wafting through the air, a gentle breeze occasionally stirring.  Sitting under a tree reading Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet", the words were as hypnotizing as the surrounding natural beauty.

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Meet The Publisher
As I contemplate what Authentic Woman Magazine™ readers want to know about its publisher, I find that there are many different ways I can start this story.

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How the Potato Parable Taught Me Abundance
As a child I was pretty inquisitive. When I got a toy, it wasn’t unusual for me to take it apart to see how it worked. I remember when I got my first doll with moving arms and legs – I pulled the doll’s arm out of the socket to see what allowed it to move.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that as a child I once planted a potato in the ground to see what would happen.   .....

Hope Among the Chaos
In the 2008 presidential election cycle, we heard a lot about hope and change. While we’ve had a whole lot of change, what happened to the hope?

The chaos in our financial and economic systems is causing many to despair since it has affected virtually every person in some way whether through job loss, depletion of retirement accounts, or loss in home value. Our sense of security and the orderly functioning of our society have been profoundly affected. Like a groundswell, we have all been caught up in the ordeal.

For many of us right now, life is as if someone had thrown all 1000 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into the air. With all those pieces in the air, some people feel the task of putting all those pieces together is insurmountable.

But it is not insurmountable. We can complete the puzzle if we take the time to patiently search for connecting puzzle pieces – one by one – and eventually the image begins to emerge. As more pieces of the puzzle are connected, the easier it is to find the remaining pieces.

Things are not as hopeless as they seem.   .....

Morphing Crisis Into Opportunities
These are not ordinary times. Fundamental changes are occurring globally, nationally and on personal levels.

The current economic crisis is causing many of us to feel that our foundations are shaking. Jobs that were once secure are threatened. Companies founded more than a century ago have ceased to exist. The safety and security we once experienced have vanished. Danger is all around us.

As dire as the current situation may seem, danger can be a catalyst for change. ...

You may think that in a crisis, opportunities are absent. Exactly the opposite is true! Few changes ever occur when we are comfortable. It is only when we experience dis-comfort that we make changes.
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